Razer shows off new Xbox 360 Onza controller

Pro 360 controller already banned from tournaments

Another victory for 360 owners in the battle against n00bs.

This year's CES has had a lot for gamers to get excited about: a 3D gaming laptop from Alienware, Apple's super-retro iCade and AMOLED TVs just peeking over the horizion. But Xbox 360 owners have something more immediate and affordable to take away from CES 2011: the Razer Onza controller for Xbox 360.

Top on the list of upgraded features on the Onza are analogue sticks that can be tightened or loosened to increase the resistance of each stick, making aiming more accurate. Every button on the controller is completely customisable and can be remapped as the player likes, and the controller is available with a non-slip rubber coating which provides "optimal grip even if your hands get sweaty." Lovely.

The Razer Onza, in the tradition of gaming mice, lacks wireless and instead connects to your Xbox 360 via a 15-foot USB cable. It's also compatible driver-free with PCs, for those whose n00b-pwning prowess cannot be constrained to just one platform.

No word on whether or not PS3 owners can expect a similar device in the future, but we're keeping our fingers crossed. The Onza for 360 and PC is available for pre-order on January 17th, for £35 for the standard edition and £45 for the "Tournament" edition (with the adjustable analogue sticks and the anti-sweaty-hands coating).

Link: Razer