Rage game free on iPhone and iPad this week

Bawdy shooter gratis after 1000 likes on Facebook

Mutant bashing shoot-em-up gratis for seven days.

id Software - the John Carmack-fronted developer responsible for the original Doom and therefore, indirectly, the state of first person shooters today - has announced that its iOS FPS Rage will be free in the App Store for a week.

Usually priced at £1.19, the special offer comes as a thankyou to fans after a campaign to get the game 100,000 likes on its Facebook page.

Rage puts players in the blood-soaked boots of a contestant on 'Mutant Bash TV', a gameshow from a dystopian future where people are pitted against murderous mutants for the entertainment of the masses. Think Jersey Shore with assault weapons.

Rage was one of the first iOS games we ever reviewed on the T3 App Chart, scoring it five stars and calling it "the best-looking mobile game we've yet seen." If you didn't heed our advice the first time around (and if not, why not?), grab it from the App Store now and get stuck in.

Link: Rage on iTunes