QuickCam iOS app speeds up photo capabilities

Features rapid fire, quicker launch and in video snaps

The fastest camera app in the ol' App Store.

The iPhone 4's 5-megapixel, 720p camera might be a dramatic improvement on previous iterations of the device, but for some it's just not quick enough and that's where QuickCam comes in.

The new app for iPhone and iPod touch (it'll also work on iPad, but you'll need to double the size to fit the screen) boasts a much quicker start time than its built-in counterpart, which is ideal if you're trying to capture a moment at very short notice.

One the app has opened you can fire off as many snaps as you like without waiting for the camera lens graphic to reopen, you just need to keep hitting the capture button and they'll be instantly exported to your photo library.

This piece of functionality is perfect for taking pictures at sporting events or anything which requires you to capture a moving target.

In another little bonus, you can also take snaps at the camera's full resolution while recording video, which is something iOS device owners are unable to do with the stock app. There's also pinch to zoom, tap-to-focus and for iPhone owners you can use the flash as a video light.

It's not all perfect though. There's no direct access to your photo and video library, so you have to exit the app to access and share your creations and there's no on-screen timer when recording video. Naturally, the iPhone offers all of these things, plus the ability to trim your video clip from within the app.

It's available now for a launch price of 59, so if you want to speed up your iPhone's photography skills it's definitely worth a look.

Link: iTunes link (via TUAW)