Queen's Christmas speech to be released on the Kindle

Amazon gets the Christmas message transcript for anyone with an e-book

The Queen's traditional Christmas message will be available to download as a free e-book on the Kindle, along with all of Her Majesty's previous speeches

Anyone with a Kindle device or the app can download the speech once it has been broadcast. In addition, all 59 previous messages can also be acquired.

"Millions of people across the UK, and the world, wait with anticipation to hear The Queen's Christmas Broadcast and we're delighted to be able to make transcripts of Her Majesty's annual addresses, past and present, available to download for free in less than 60 seconds," said Gordon Willoughby, director, Kindle EU.

"Many people will be unwrapping Kindles on Christmas Day and now Kindle readers, new and old, will be able to read The Queen's words for years to come."

The available speeches start from 1952, which is the year Her Majesty ascended to the throne. The Queen has always embraced technology, having sent her first email in 1976, with her Christmas message podcast for the first time in 2006. The British Monarchy also has a dedicated Royal Channel, and has over quarter of a million followers on its official Twitter feed.

Kindle users can look to download the speech after 3pm GMT on December 25, when it will be broadcast.

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Via: TechRadar