Quarter of Brits watch TV on smartphones and tablets

New figures reveal that one in four Britons watched TV content on their handset in 2011

As smarpthones and tablets add evermore features and become increasingly powerful, new figures show a quarter of Brits use them to watch TV

Thanks in large to the rise in smartphone and tablet adoption as well as a flurry of new on-demand catch-up services, new figures have revealed that a quarter of all Brits watched TV on the go during the past year.

The figures, compiled by ICM and released by the TV Licensing board, showed that a whopping one in four Britons used their portable tech to access and view TV content in 2011 with under 35s leading the portable gadget viewing revolution.

“One in four people (25%) watched TV content on the move in 2011, via mobile viewing technologies,” an official TV Licensing spokesperson said. “The figure is much higher for under 35s, as 35% watched in this way last year.”

The findings went on to add: “We estimate we spend over three hours per week tuning into the small(er) screen, watching programmes on our laptops, smartphones and tablets.”

Set to increase further during the coming months, the TV Licensing board has predicted that the upcoming London 2012 Olympic Games could prove a driving factor in on the go TV viewing with 1 per cent of the British public set to watch the games on their phones with a further 1 per cent tuning in using their tablet devices.

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