Quantic Dream registers 'Singularity' for PS4

Heavy Rain developer registers domain name for new 'PS4' project

Quantic Dream, the developer behind Heavy Rain, has registered a new domain for a PS4 title known as 'Singularity'

Sony's next console hasn't been unveiled officially yet, but a doman registered by games developer Quantic Dream has hinted what it may be called, and the name of one its forthcoming games. The developer behind the games Heavy Rain, Farenheit and the forthcoming PS3 exclusive, Beyond: Two Souls (pictured) has registered a domain name for a title for Sony's next-gen console.

The news was picked up by Kotaku who discovered that the registration for the domain name singularityps4.com seemed to hint at a project the developer was working on called 'Singularity'. As the article on Kotaku pointed out, "the singularityps4.com domain falls very much in line with past Quantic Dream domains heavyrainps3.com and beyondps3.com, and mirrors SCEE's general preference for domains that indicate a game's platform".

The name may also hint that Sony's next-gen console will be called the PS4 and not PS Orbis as has been mooted in several stories about the machine that have already leaked. While it's by no means confirmed at the time of this writing, gaming industry analysts expect Sony to unveil the PS3's successor at the E3 videogame expo in Los Angeles later this year.

Source: Kotaku