Qualcomm Zero Shutter Lag gets demo

New feature to create the perfect snapshot

Qualcomm, the company behind the Snapdragon processor has been playing around with camera tech.

Qualcomm announced at the Computex conference that they had a new technology in the pipeline that would make taking a photo that little bit easier, it's known as Zero Shutter Lag.

Essentially how it works is actually pretty nifty: when you press the camera shutter button, the phone takes five successive images at high-speed and then allows you to do one of two things. Firstly choose a whole image you think is the best, then secondly, swap certain features such as a persons facial expression, using the other four images.

It's incredibly cool to look at and is certainly Qualcomm's casual hint that their future mobile processors will be the grunt behind this power hungry feature.

Alongside the Zero Shuttter Lag function the company also showed off an ultrasonic pen which would allow a person to write notes on paper but then also have their phone convert the writing to text and then if needs be, translate it into another language.

Sound like the tech of the future or just a gimmick for the conferences? Let us know what you think at Facebook and Twitter.

Source: Slashgear