Qik outs video streaming and chat app for iPhone

Video chat with other Qik users and by-pass FaceTime

The highly-rated video chat app finally arrives on iOS

Popular Android video streaming application Qik has finally arrived on the iPhone, allowing users to by-pass FaceTime by video calling other pals who have the service across platforms.

The free application, launched late last week, lets you stream live video onto the web and use the Friendcasting functionality to instantly share moments with your pals on Facebook, as they happen,

The big plus though will be the ability to video call with other Qik users, across platforms, and using both Wi-Fi and 3G. Apple's FaceTime video calling service only offers Wi-Fi calls with other select Apple devices. The app will search your contacts book for those already on Qik and you're ready to go.

Users of the Qik app can also record video messages and mail them to any of your contacts. There's also easy sharing on social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook, and every video you capture using the app will be uploaded to your video timeline on the Qik website, so it's a pretty cool tool for video bloggers.

You'll also se a video timeline from other members of your circle uploading videos through Qik.

Early reviews of the app suggests it could be one of those indispensible apps, you can't live without. It's free to download so why not give it a try?

Link: Qik for iPhone