Pure launches AirPlay-like Pure Stream

DLNA technology that allows wireless streaming on iOS and Android

Announced alongside Pure's brand new Sensia 200D Connect, Pure Stream is the first all-ecompassing wireless streaming service for Pure products

Pure has unveiled its Pure Stream technology which uses DLNA to allow wireless streaming of music from any iOS or Android device to any Pure Stream-enabled device.

Using the Pure Lounge Android or iOS app users will be given the option to either play music from their Pure Music account or play music directly from their own library on the smartphone.

While Android manufacturers have come up with their own interpretations of Apple's AirPlay feature this is the first all-encompassing service which allows wireless streaming from any Android device to a Pure Stream-compatible product.

At present those who have either the Pure One Flow DAB Digital Radio or the upcoming Sensia 200D Connect will be able to use the service and Pure have promised that a silent update is coming to the Contour 200i Air soon.

Pure has confirmed that Pure Stream will become available in the next few days through an update to the Pure Lounge app which can be done via Google Play or the Apple App Store.