Pure i-20: hi-fi quality digital iPod dock

Digital tunes through your hi-end hi-fi

Restore the detail to your MP3s through your hi-fi

The Pure i-20 is a smart way of listening to your MP3s through your hi-fi or AV set-up by letting you connect using digital or analogue outputs, so there’s no need to use a 3.5mm jack and lower the sound quality. Plug in the Pure i-20 via an analogue connection, and the hi-fi quality digital to analogue converter ensures even your compressed music files sound how they should. Which is a good thing, as there’s nothing more pointless than spending big on a hi-fi set-up to play MP3s through it.

The Pure i-20 uses Pure’s Clearsound digital technology to make sure sound is suitably polished when connected to a digital system.

Video outputs also mean you can watch videos from your ‘Pod on your big screen, and it claims to be the only dock that supports all analogue video formats (component, S-video and composite, though you’ll need to use the bundled cable for composite).

The Pure i-20 comes with a remote control, costs £74.99, and is out now.