Puma Phone out now in UK

Get your hands on solar sporty blower from today

Ultimate sports cell, first seen at Mobile World Congress, finally up for grabs.

Remember the Puma Phone? The one which comes with its own on-board cat, Dylan? Well, it’s officially out today, with Puma confirming that it’s landed right here in Blighty, as well as a string of other European countries.

If you missed out on the deets the first time round, let us fill you in. The Puma Phone comes replete with a 2.8-inch touchscreen, HSDPA, GPS, a yachting compass and even a pedometer.

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Round the back you’ll find a solar panel for on-the-go charging. Brilliantly, the phone will tell you just how many talk time minutes and texts you can send when you charge it up using the sun, rather than just feeding you a percentage of the battery life available.

The phone itself is set to cost €399, although you’d do well to keep an eye on the networks for some juicy contracts. If you’re a gym bunny or sports fanatic, this phone is for you.

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Via Softpedia