Pulse reader iPad app gets YouTube integration

YouTube, Flickr and Digg content now integrated

Get your favourite content from APIs across the web.

The uber-successful iPad news reader app Pulse has sensed that maybe RSS feeds aren't the be-all-end-all of news content and has added support from some our favourite content providers.

The app, which Steve Jobs gleefully demonstrated at last year's iPad launch, has integrated feeds from API's in order to boost the content on offer from the app.

Users will now be able to access feeds from YouTube, Reddit, Digg and Flickr, among others as the app looks to move beyond being just an RSS app. All of the new channels will be browse-able from within the Pulse app.

"For a lot of our users, Pulse has now become their go-to "browser" for consuming content," said Developer Alphonso Labs on the company blog.

"And this content does not have to be restricted to RSS feeds. Today, we're adding SIX brand new sources to Pulse. Our newest team member, Charles Chen, has worked with six different APIs to bring together some beautiful content right inside Pulse - and this ranges from social news to engaging videos to stunning photographs."

The new content can be accessed through the Featured tab and the new upgrade also comes to the iPhone and Android.

Link: Alphonso Labs