Publisher Bloomsbury sees eBook sales increase 18 fold

eBook sales sore as Kindle and tablets take off

Kindle and tablets help boost eBook sales

Amazon’s Kindle and other eReaders have given a new lease of life to book publishers with Bloomsbury today announcing its opening quarter eBook sales for 2011 have topped the £1.5 million mark.

Marking an 18 times year-on-year increase in revenue from digital editions of its printed releases, Bloomsbury’s increased stake in the eBook industry can be largely attributed to the rise in popularity of eReader and tablet devices.

"Demand for digital delivery, including e-books, is increasing significantly,” said Bloomsbury Chief Executive Nigel Newton.

"It will change the publishing business model, creating one worldwide market. The publishing world is handling its own revolution."

Despite its strong showing in the digital market, Bloomsbury’s profits were still down on those from 2009 suggesting eBooks are helping to slow but not completely quash the drop in sales for the publishing industry.

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Via: TechRadar