PSP outselling Nintendo 3DS

Old-school handheld outstrips 3D newbie in Japan

Figures suggest 3DS isn't quite as popular as Ninty would hope.

The Sony PSP is outselling the Nintendo 3DS in Japan, latest official figures have shown. The ageing platform shifted around 15,000 more units than the spanking new three dimensional hub.

The PSP sold 58,075 in the last week, up 7,000 on the week before. By contrast, the Nintendo 3DS slid back by 8,000, selling just 42,979. Nintendo revealed earlier this week that the 3DS sold 113,000 units in its first days on sale here in the UK.

The numbers don’t make pretty reading and come as Nintendo battles specious press reports about health issues caused by the console’s 3D screen. These have been refuted by experts, but it all makes for a difficult week at Nintendo HQ.

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