PSP 2 to be more powerful than Xbox 360?

New PlayStation portable set to pack a processor punch

More details of the PSP2 surface

The PSP2 speculation is coming thick and fast with the latest claims suggesting the rumoured device will pack a processor which will deliver twice the power of the current Xbox 360 console.

Revealed by 'multiple sources' involved in detailed meetings with Sony at the Tokyo Game Show to talk all things PSP2, the new portable gaming device will apparently feature 1GB of RAM. In comparison to the Xbox 360, which features 512MB of RAM that's some leap in the power department.

Sony's current portable gaming models, the PSP Go and the PSP 3000 both host 64MB of RAM, which is some way behind the 1GB of RAM being touted for the new PSP.

Other details to come from these meetings suggest the PSP 2 will steer clear from resurrecting UMD, with games to be downloaded via memory sticks.

A rear touch panel which looks like a mouse trackpad, dual analog sticks and a bigger display likely to be HD has also been touted.

With intense speculation that a PlayStation Phone is likely to land in the not too distant future, it could be a busy year ahead for Sony.

Link: CVG (Via Kotaku)