PSP 2 first official picture surfaces?

Probably not, but we'll find out more Thursday 6am UK time

PSP 2 with PS3 power claim supported by Codemasters boss

The Sony PSP 2, the much-anticipated follow-up to the PSP Go may have already been spotted if this latest picture is the genuine article.

UPDATED: PSP 2 pictures: NGP official images

- Sony PSP 2 picture

Spotted by Kotaku Japan on a Japanese game Forum board, the image appears to show off the console with a 32GB SD card, a PSP 2 memory stick and a stylus.

There is every reason to suggest that this is the work of some Photoshop trickery, but it's sure to get juices flowing ahead of a PSP 2 event tipped for this Thursday.

According to a tweet from Japanese magazine Nikkei Trendy, the ‘PlayStation Meeting 2011’ event to show off the PSP 2 will take place at 6am UK time and the publication will be live blogging the event.

While the event is expected to be more business-orientated, it falls in line with speculation that the PSP 2 would be unveiled on January 27th.

Speculation as to what the PSP 2 will boast has been of much debate in recent months, and the claim that it will be as powerful as the PS3 appears to be supported by Codemasters boss Rod Cousens.

Speaking to Eurogamer at the European Nintendo 3DS preview event last week, Cousens said: “In portable areas you’re going to have statements, which already out in the press, saying PlayStation Portable 2 is as powerful as the PlayStation 3 – which is true.

“So you’re going to get mobile devices as powerful as what were considered notebooks. I just think it gets bigger.”

Looks like we can expect something a bit special come Thursday morning just when you are hitting that snooze button for the first time.

Link: VG247 & CVG & Andriasang