PSN: Sony rolls out free ID theft protection

US users to get $1 million worth of protection after outage

No word on when UK gamers will be let in on the action.

Following its epic PSN outage, Sony said that it would be offering free identity theft protection to gamers hit by the hacking crisis. And now it’s come good on its promise, giving US PlayStation users the chance to sign up for AllClear ID Plus for free.

To get the coverage, users need to head over to the official PlayStation site and hand over their email address to security firm Debix, who will then send an activation code out. That needs to be redeemed by 28 June in order to activate the service.

The deal is for 12 months and has been stumped up for by Sony as part of its apology for allowing hackers to break into their system. Gamers get ID theft insurance of up to $1 million, as well as expert help from fraud specialists if their identity is compromised.

Is this enough to sate angry PlayStation gamers? And should Sony be working on a similar offering on these shores? Let us know what you think on our Facebook and Twitter pages.

Link: Sony