PSN: small percentage of cancellations, says boss

Kaz Hirai denies PS3 mass exodus

Sony says it's too early to tell whether return of PSN has been a success.

Kaz Hirai, Sony’s gaming chief, has said that only a small number of gamers have called Sony to cancel their PSN accounts. His comments, to the Wall Street Journal, come as the online service finally gets back on its feet after weeks offline owing to an attack by hackers.

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Hirai told the WSJ that, “…a very small percentage,” of callers to Sony wanted to leave PSN completely. This suggests that chatter about a mass exodus from the PS3 has been somewhat overplayed.

Having been praised by Sony CEO, Sir Howard Stringer, for his handling of the crisis, Hirai did sound a cautionary note about the success of PSN’s return to normality. “We have to earn back the trust and loyalty we may have lost in this circumstance. That's our goal and that's one we have to reach."

Stringer, however, was more bullish, attacking those who claimed that Sony’s security wasn’t up to scratch. "We had no reason to believe that our security was not good and still no reason to believe it because we have plenty of people looking at it. We've learned that we just have to keep improving our security."

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