PSN outage: Sony implicates Anonymous

Hacking collective had denied any part on recent takedown of PSN

Open letter to US Congress from Kaz Hirai blames Anonymous for attacks.

Anonymous, the hacking collective which famously hit Amazon and a string of other major online presences last year, has been implicated in the current PSN outage by Sony. Just last month, Anonymous claimed it had nothing to do with Sony’s PSN problems.

In an open letter to US Congress,responding to a series of questions asked by the Washington-based legislature, Sony’s Kaz Hirai said, “We discovered that the intruders had planted a file on one of our Sony Online Entertainment servers named ‘Anonymous’ with the words ‘We are Legion.’”

In addition to this latest news, Sony also said it was confident that the loss of credit card details had not resulted in any fraud. Hirai said, “As of today, the major credit card companies have not reported any fraudulent transactions that they believe are the direct result of this cyber attack.”

Sony has still not brought back PSN or its SOE service, the latter having been taken down earlier this week following a separate attack on 16 and 17 April. Either way, it seems Sony is finally starting to get to the bottom of who’s behind one the biggest hacks ever seen.

Link: PlayStation blog