PSN outage: Sony denies credit card sales reports

Sony says no one tried to sell back customers' details

Announcement comes as SOE is also hit by major hack.

Sony might now be fighting hackers on two fronts, with the loss of 24 million SOE gamers’ data. But it’s still trying to debunk myths about the PSN outage, being forced to deny that it was offered users’ credit card details in return for payment.

Sony’s Patrick Seybold took to the PlayStation blog to state, “One report indicated that a group tried to sell millions of credit card numbers back to Sony. To my knowledge there is no truth to this report of a list, or that Sony was offered an opportunity to purchase the list.”

He also said that stories about passwords not being encrypted properly were wide of the mark. “While the passwords that were stored were not ‘encrypted,’ they were transformed using a cryptographic hash function. There is a difference between these two types of security measures which is why we said the passwords had not been encrypted. But I want to be very clear that the passwords were not stored in our database in cleartext form.”

Sony has said it hopes to have some PSN services back up this week. But with SOE now down, it seems this story won’t be going anywhere for now. For more on the Sony hacks, stay tuned to our Facebook and Twitter pages.