PSN: 3 million new users since hack fiasco

Howard Stringer says PSN woes are over

PSN hacking crisis now a thing of the past says defiant CEO.

Sony says that it has added three million new users to its PSN services, just months after it was hit by one of the most wide-ranging and notorious hacks in history. The news was delivered by Sony CEO Sir Howard Stringer, who said PSN’s woes were over.

"I'm pleased to tell you that the PSN is more secure and better than ever," he said. "We are aggressively expanding its content. We have more than 3 million new customers since the network came back online, and sales are exceeding what we had before the cyberattacks."

The news suggests that the worst is indeed behind Sony. However, the attack is believed to have cost the company millions and its reputation has been battered due to revelations about how personal information was stored on its servers.

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Via CNet