PSJailbreak users likely to face ban from Sony

Error code a sure sign that a banning is on the cards

Sony knows when you are being naughty, if you play online with mod chip

Sony may have already foiled the PSJailbreak hack that allowed PS3 owners to play 'backed-up games' without discs for the very first time.

The mod chip which essentially uses an USB dongle device packed with software to enable users to copy games to the hard drive, could be detected by Sony, which is bad news for those who have been using it.

SKFU and RichDevX, claim the Backup manager game ID (LAUN-12345) could be logged by Sony when you are gaming online.

Much in the way that Microsoft banned chipped Xbox 360s from LIVE last year, Sony may choose to take similiar action as they are able to identify PSJailbreak users when they access the PlayStation Network.

If the error code '8002A227' suddenly springs up on your screen, you could well be facing a banning from Sony. Those who have seen this message before will realise that it usually leads to a suspension from PSN activity.

A firmware update to combat the latest attempt to hack the gaming hardware is likely to be in the works, although it seems that PSJailbreak clones are already in the works.

if you don't want your enjoyment of some 'disc-free gaming' to be ruined, it looks like you are going to have to avoid playing online. Of course, T3 would never endorse such illegal behaviour.

Link: CVG Via (Haxnetwork)