PS4 meets T3

Sony's PS4 console steps out from behind the glass in T3's London office

The PlayStation 4 arrives in T3's offices for our first look at Sony's console outside of a glass display case

Since its big reveal at this year’s E3 expo in Los Angeles, Sony’s PlayStation 4 next generation console has been kept mostly out of the hands of journalists.

Oh sure, many of us have had a hands-on with the PS4 and we’ve all played more than our fair share of game demos on it, but we haven’t been allowed to touch the actual console.

We’ve been forced to gaze longingly at it while it’s housed in glass display cases at Sony events. That is, up until now.

Today, T3 gets its exclusive hands on with the PS4 as Sony has kindly send us around a unit and controller to play with in front of the camera.

It’s been rather revealing to see the PS4 up close and personal.

Not only is the unit surprisingly quite a bit smaller than its PS3 predecessor – and this is a PS3 we measured it against, mind – but its re-vamped DualShock controller feels rather chunkier and altogether weightier than the control pad of the PS3.

Unfortunately, we weren't provided with any games to put through their paces - or even a power cable to boot the console up! However, it's been useful to have a close up look at the console's dimensions - and we have to admit, it looks damn sleek!