PS4 controller revealed

Pictures of Sony's next-gen PS4 controller appear online

A picture of what sources say is a PS4 dev kit and a next-gen PS4 controller have appeared online

UPDATE: Sony has just announced the PlayStation 4 - check out all the details here.

A photo of what appears to be a prototype controller for the next-gen PlayStation 4 has appeared online, along with a dev kit for Sony's next gen console. The photo shows a replica of what looks like a DualShock PS3 controller with a touchpad interface surface in the centre, replacing the Start and Select buttons found on current PS3 control pads. The controller is connected to what seems to be a PS4 dev kit.

The photo first appeared on gaming website Destructoid. Since then, the validity of the photo has been backed up by a report on Kontaku, who published an article stating that 'an industry source familiar with the new system' has confirmed that the device shown in the photo was 'the real deal'. Gaming website, IGN, has backed up this appraisal, but has stated that this is an early prototype of Sony's next-gen console, which is likely to change before release.

Luckily punters only have to wait a couple of days before Sony either confirms or denies the authenticity of this image, since the console manufacturer is about to hold an important keynote address to the media in New York next week Wednesday.