PS3s impounded as Sony v LG battle ramps up

Wrangling over Blu-ray tech hits PS3

Sony desperate to get injunction lifted as LG seeks compensation.

Legal spats betweens tech’s biggest players are hardly new. But rarely do they reach such levels of acrimony as the current battle currently raging between Sony and LG. The Korean giant has won an injunction against Sony which means all PS3 imports into the UK and Europe will be confiscated over the next ten days.

The reason? LG claims Sony has infringed Blu-ray patents and is seeking compensation for every PS3 sold. With over three million consoles shifted in the UK alone, Sony could be staring down the barrel of a monstrous bill.

A court in The Hague, in the Netherlands, granted the injunction and could extend it for a further ten days if LG decides to apply more pressure to Sony. LG could even ask to have the impounded stock destroyed.

Word is that stocks of PS3s could dry up in as little as two weeks if the legal wrangling isn’t resolved. Sony is said to be trying, “frantically,” to get the ban removed. We’ll bring you any more news as we get it, so keep your eyes here and on our Facebook and Twitter pages.

Via The Guardian