PS3 update killing PSJailbreak?

Is the fun over for hacktastic USB extra?

Mandatory firmware boost could bring an end to playing backed-up games without disc.

Sony’s latest PS3 firmware update isn’t usually cause for much excitement. But the latest effort fixes a “hardware security issue”, which apparently means curtains for the PSJailbreak USB stick.

The hack allows PS3 gamers to play backed-up titles without having to stick a disc into the console. However, not installing the new firmware, dubbed 3.42, will mean you won’t be able to access the PlayStation Network or Store, leaving your PS3 in limbo.

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PSJailbreak’s official site claims that it “disables forced software updates”, but it seems Sony’s latest attempt to stop the illegal add-on from working could pay off.

Sony has yet to officially announce whether 3.42 actually stops PSJailbreak working. Have you installed the update? Has it killed your PSJailbreak USB? Tell us on our Facebook and Twitter pages.

Via Joystiq