PS3 to get 4oD and ITV Player streaming services this week

Video on Demand channels head to Sony's console...

Deal will 'improve traffic by around 10 per cent'

Sony is set to bring online streaming services from Channel 4 and ITV to the PS3 this week, in a move that it hopes will prove mutually beneficial over the Christmas period. The deal will see 4oD and the ITV Player granted dedicated portals on the PS3’s dashboard, just as the BBC iPlayer has now.

ITV, which has up until recently been very closed off in terms of giving outside parties access to its content, says of the move that "as awareness of ITV Player grows, so will consumption of ITV's content on demand."’s MD Robin Pembroke calls it an "acceleration of our distribution strategy.”

Sony, meanwhile, claim that the new services will benefit from a 10 per cent traffic increase over Christmas. UK Playstation MD Alan Duncan says it’s all about "changing people's attitudes to the PS3 as a platform, to view it as a much broader entertainment device. There is a compelling story to tell about the PS3 that goes far beyond gaming,” he added.

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Link: Via Tech Radar