The Last of Us PS3 exclusive coming to VGA's 2011

Plus Epic to announce new game

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It seems as though the riddle over the PS3 exclusive at the Video Game Awards 2011 has finally been solved, we think anyway, thanks to The Last of Us

New screenshots have appeared for the game The Last of Us, a title shrouded in so much mystery it would put even an episode of Lost to shame.

This comes after a microsite for the game was found with two cryptic trailers and the information that it would be a PS3 exclusive and almost certainly would be unveiled at Spike TV's Video Game Awards 2011.

Epic Games to bring out new title..

Epic Games Design Director Cliff Bliszinski has appeared on a Spike TV video to confirm that Epic Games will be announcing a completely new game marking a move in direction from Gears of War and Infinity Blade.

While it's not yet known what this game will be it was certainly expected that the studio would move on to a new project after finishing the phenomenally successful Gears of War series.

This all comes after a billboard in New York's Times Square announced what the Video Games Award 2011 was calling an 'Exclusive you won't believe' for the Sony PS3 suggesting a host of titles that could be coming soon.

What would you like to see Epic Games working on, a FPS, miltiplayer focused title or perhaps a RPG? Let us know what you think via the comments box below...

The Last of Us teaser trailer