PlayStation 3D Display released in UK

Fullscreen splitscreen multiplayer thanks to Sony's 3D SimulView tech

Sony's latest PlayStation 3 peripheral is a 24-inch 1080p 3D display which lets two players see two fullscreen images at the same time using 3D glasses

The Sony PlayStation 3 3D Display is now available in the UK giving punters the opportunity to have not only 3D gaming but also the ability to see two different fullscreen images at the same time.

Using a tech which Sony is calling SimulView the 3D display splits up the 3D into two separate moving 2D feeds, these are split and sent to two sets of glasses allowing each player to see a different fullscreen image.

The 1080p 3D display looks like it was destined for the teen bedroom with the display being touted as both an excellent monitor and full HD 3D TV.

On the sides you'll find two powerful speakers while the 3D Display also features a subwoofer on the back giving you a powerful bass range not found in most TVs or monitors.

To get your hands on one of these you'll need to part with £449 from Amazon or Very and will reportedly be making its way to Toys R Us as well.