PS Vita will stream all PS3 titles?

Sony working on future update to allow mobile PS3 gaming

With the Nintendo Wii U hoping to cash in on portable console gaming around the house this news could see Sony win top trumps with the niche idea

Sony could well be working on a future software update for the PlayStation Vita which will see the handheld-console be able to stream all PS3 games directly over a WiFi connection.

This would be output at 480x272 which is the resolution of the PSP however it would be upscaled to fit the dimensions of the PS Vita. The source, which spoke to Eurogamer, also mentioned that because of the PS Vita's OLED 960x544 screen future Sony PS3 titles could be made with a special PS Vita resolution which would then fit the PS Vita better.

This style of gaming has already been demonstrated by Sony at the launch of the PS Vita with selected titles being shown to be controlled via the portable console however there hasn't been any official confirmation by Sony as to whether this will become reality.

Of course this will directly compete with the capabilites of the upcoming Nintendo Wii U which has already focused much of its appeal on the fact it can be played directly through the controller which itself features a high-resolution screen.

Would this make the PS Vita a more enticing option? Let us know via the comments box below...

Source: Eurogamer