PS Vita update brings original PS One games to console

Full list of PS One games announced including Tomb Raider

Sony has some good news for PS Vita owners after it announced the latest update gives you a sizeable back catalogue of retro PS One titles

The Sony PS Vita update coming tomorrow will bring with it a whole catalogue of old PS One titles including the original Tomb Raider and other such classics as Rayman.

The 1.80 update is due to roll out tomorrow and with it comes the ability to use your PS Vita as a PS3 controller along with some serious updates to the OS on board the handheld games console.

Gone is the requirement to use the touchscreen with gamers now able to navigate through the system using the controls if they so wish. The browser has also seen some updates including an integrated search bar and the ability to scroll down the page using the back touch panel.

One of the most significant improvements comes in the form of improved Apple iTunes integration with the Vita now able to download playlists only, letting you create a Vita specific playlist if you don't want your whole library on the console.

Cross-Controller has been integrated in the form of an app found on the home screen, by simply opening the app and connecting to the PS3 gamers can now play their PS3 games using the Vita.

For the full list of PS One games heading to the Vita check out the PlayStation blog here or watch the video below to find out more about the PS Vita update 1.80.