President Barack Obama to host Google+ Hangout

US Head of State to talk to the public via Google's fledgling social networking service

President of the United States of America Barack Obama is to host a Google+ Hangout next week in which he will take questions from the public

Helping bolster the brand appeal of Google's recently launched Facebook rival President Barack Obama has announced he is to hold a Google+ Hangout session in the coming days.

Following in the footsteps of English football legend David Beckham, Obama will take to the Google+ service to talk to the public and answer questions on his upcoming State of the Union address.

Google+ Users

Whilst there are more than 90 million users registered to the Google+ service it is widely believed that active user figures are much lower. Looking to turn its fledgling Google+ offering into a true Facebook and Twitter rival the Internet search giant has been prompting a number of famous faces into holding Hangouts as well as forcing all those who sign up to a Google account to register for the social outlet.

Expanding the White House's social and digital media presence in an attempt to attract young voters President Obama's Hangout will take place on January 30th with a number of members of the public to be invited to put questions to the US Head of State.

Anyone looking to be considered to talk to the President is asked to send a 30 second video clip of themselves with their questions to the social service. A lucky few will then be selected to talk live with the leader of the free world.

Can Google+ ever compete with the likes of Facebook and Twitter or is it just an unnecessary addition to people's social media lives? Let us know what you think via the comments box below.

Via: TechRadar