Predict Facebook friends based on where you go

Location-based algorithm to improve friend suggestions

Your new friends are where you go.

A new method of friend suggestions on social networks uses places they visit to make predictions.

Researchers at Cambrudge University have developed a method to say who becomes friends with whom based on locations visited in the real world.

According to the researchers, using location combined with the "friend-of-a-friend" method used by sites such as Facebook, can increase prediction efficiency.

"We wanted to investigate the properties of places that encourage connections between visitors and how this could be incorporated into a system that predicts friends," Salvatore Scellato, one of the researchers told Reuters.

The researchers used Gowalla in their work - a social networking site that allows users to share which place they are visiting.

Scellato added that people who go to the same place add each other as friends, and found that about 30% of social links happened because people went to the same location.

This research aims to improve the performance of friend suggestion systems through locations.

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