Poor controls most irritating aspect of mobile games

Or so says survey by Ebuyer, anyway

Or so says survey by Ebuyer, anyway

Poor controls is the most irritating thing in gaming apps, claims a survey by online retailer ebuyer.

23% of respondents named it ‘the most irritating aspect of a problematic title.’

Meanwhile micro-transactions (20%) and bugs (17%) were also pulled out as irritants.

The survey also claims 40% of people ‘hate in-game advertising’ and 41% are willing to pay up to £2 for a game.

David Wood, marketing director at Ebuyer, said: "It's really interesting to see what app developers can improve on, whether it's awkward controls, advertising or problems - responding to these criticisms will undoubtedly shape the future of gaming. Our findings also imply that people prefer to pay quite highly for premium versions of titles rather than downloading free alternatives; this may be more obvious in future, as developers begin to drop cost-free options on their prized creations."