Polaroid to open Fotobar photo printing shops

Launches premium printing service for all your Instagram shots

Polaroid is reinventing itself the only way it knows how by launching a series of shops where people can go and print their Instagram or smartphone pictures

Polaroid is a launching a series of experimental Fotobar stores where people can go and print off their smartphone pictures easily and wirelessly with the option to have them printed on anything from canvas to metal.

To begin with the range of stores will be opening exclusively in the United States and will use wireless tech to allow users to easily walk in, send their pictures over and then choose how they want them printed.

While Polaroid is clearly aiming to engage those who want to print their Instagram images it's also hoping to capitalise further by offering such a wide range of services that are compatible with the iPhone and Android smartphones.

Once uploaded to the workstation users can then add filters, adjust the image contrast, brightness and more. Once complete they can then be printed off or printed onto a number of materials, framed and then shipped to their address within a couple of days.