Polaroid to launch Android tablet and Kindle rival?

Leaked images emerge of camera-focused tablet

As CES begins to get underway the leaked images from the showroom floor have started pouring in, one of the first up is a tablet offering from Polaroid

Polaroid will reportedly be launching an Android tablet and colour-eReader at CES this year with the company focusing on its camera abilities (surprisingly).

Having been relatively quiet on the product front it would now appear that it’s because the company has been working on this little number. No word on screen size or indeed which version of Android it’s running, but from the image it looks to be Honeycomb or Ice Cream Sandwich.

Hardware specs are equally as un-forthcoming for both the tablet and the eReader however it would appear as though the eReader could well be gunning as a direct competitor to the Amazon Kindle Fire.

No doubt more will be revealed when the showroom at CES 2012 is opened up to the hungry press at which point we’ll give you all the details.

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Source: Engadget