Polaroid iM1836 comes with removable lenses

Polaroid unveils the iM1836 Android camera with interchangable lenses

Polaroid has launched the iM1836 Android camera with interchangable lenses at CES 2013 in Las Vegas

CES may be awash with high end cameras, but Polaroid is looking at the budget consumer with their latest camera to run on Android, the iM1836, which features 1080p video recording and an 18.1 mega pixel mirrorless body.

Taking many design ideas from Nikon’s J1, the camera sets it self apart from other cameras running Android, like Samsung's Galaxy Camera, by offering interchangeable lenses.

A 10-30mm lens comes as standard, but this can be swapped out and replaced with a number of Micro Four Third lenses, though an adapter will be needed. On the back of the device there is a 3.5 inch touchscreen which along with controlling the camera function, also allows you to use play games and access your email through Android 4.1.

You’ll be able to quickly share your freshly taken photos through all the usual methods - Facebook and Twitter - straight from the camera thanks to Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. However the device lacks 3G and 4G data connectvity

No release date has been given by Polaroid, but with a price of $399, it manages to undercut many of its rivals.