PlayStation Phone: new hands-on throws up more details

Full deets on PSP phone

5MP camera, super bright screen and new hands-on snaps.

Sony has clearly given up all pretense of hiding the PlayStation Phone. A new hands-on in China has just served up a welter of new details and images, showing the Android-packing phone in all its glory.

With a whacking great 4-inch LCD, with 854x480 resolution, and a 5Mp camera, this looks like it’ll be a natty phone even without its gaming skills. There’s microSD support also, as well as chatter about a Qualcomm Snapdragon processor keeping things speedy under the hood.

There’s also signs of an app called “PlayStation Pocket”, suggesting this is the place where you’ll snag games for the blower. What these will be isn’t clear just yet, but with a launch date pegged for Mobile World Congress, we won’t have long to wait.

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Via Engadget