PlayStation Move Ultimate Boxing Gloves outed

Make battering your pals a tad more realistic

New peripherals doubtless only the start of Wii-like race to the bottom.

Planning on nabbing PlayStation Move when it lands in September? Well you might want to save a little bit of extra cash for these bad boys. Made by CTA, the Ultimate Boxing Gloves are designed to make new title The Fight: Lights Out even more realistic.

CTA reckons that because PlayStation Move is far more accurate than the Wii, it’ll make boxing games more fun (as opposed to simply waggling your arms around like someone’s who’s just had 200 volts pass through them).

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The premise is simple: stick your hands in to the fingerless gloves (which CTA says, “…add the sensation of really fighting.”) and then use the velcro patches to lock in the PlayStation Move controllers. Away you go.

It all sounds a tad too serious for us. And doubtless this will just be the start of myriad PlayStation Move peripherals. If anyone can beat the Wii exercise bike though, we’ll be amazed.

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Via Engadget