PlayStation Move to be game changer thanks to 3D

3D to be taken "to the next level" by PlayStation Move

Sony's PlayStation Move to become a game changer thanks to 3D credentials

Sony’s head of 3D gaming development has given an exciting insight into the extra dimensional possibilities of Sony’s upcoming motion-controlled gaming system PlayStation Move saying it will take 3D gaming “to the next level”.

In an interview with the official Sony PlayStation site, Mick Hocking reiterated T3’s positive words on Move’s 3D credentials after a brief hands-on last month stating: "You can just imagine the possibilities of controlling something in 3D outside of the screen and looking at it being controlled in 3D within the TV screen."

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When Move launches in the UK later this year on September 17th it will be readying itself to change the world of gaming when it later becomes the world’s first motion controlled gaming device to work with the extra dimensional goodness that is 3D. Hocking, who believes this first foray into motion 3D gaming will mark Move as a game changer said: "What's fantastic for us is that this is the first time this has ever been done. The games we've already converted are great fun and we're still only dipping our toe in the water.

"Once we educate all of our teams on how to create 3D content and how they can use PlayStation Move in 3D, you can just imagine what they're going to start producing."

With the PlayStation Move starter kit set to cost just £50 when it launches in September it is considerably cheaper that the upcoming controller-less motion gaming peripheral for the Xbox 360, Microsoft Kinect.

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