PlayStation Move gets Wii-esq add-ons from Speedlink

Gun peripheral and sports kit take leaf from Nintendo's book

Move goes Wii-style with controller add-ons

Following the unveiling of the official accessories for Microsoft’s controller-less motion peripheral, Kinect earlier today, Speedlink has announced a range of add-ons for Sony’s PlayStation Move offering.

Comprising of a gun, variable sports attachments and two docks, Speedlink’s Move peripheral offerings are a feast of high-end looking, Wii-esq copies that are expected to hit stores in time for the UK release of the PlayStation Move system on September 17th.

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Discussing the similarites between its Wii and Move offerings the manufacturers stated: "When developing the Move range, Speedlink incorporated the many years of experience it gained from its highly successful Wii accessories range to start manufacturing matching products months before the launch of the new platform.”

With prices currently only available in Euros, UK prices to follow shortly, the sports attachment set (€19.99), Peacemaker gun attachment (€14.99) and two charging systems will be joined by a Silicone Skin Kit for the Move controller and sub-controller priced at €6.99.

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