PlayStation Move gets official pricing and bundle content

Starter Kit to cost just £50 in wallet-friendly pricing

PlayStation Move peripheral officially priced by Sony

Sony has officially confirmed the pricing for its upcoming PS3 motion-control gaming peripheral for, PlayStation Move with a wallet-friendly outcome.

Prices were first leaked last month on and today’s official announcement has fallen close to those estimated pricings, marking the Move system as a relatively cheap option for motion controlled gaming that is set to receive multiple new players ahead of the festive period.

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As a standalone accessory, the Move motion controller with its glowing ball of colour will cost £35 when the system goes on sale in the UK this September. Also essential to the PlayStation motion gaming experience is the PlayStation Eye camera that tracks the controller’s movement and will set users back £25 at launch. As well as being available individually, these components are to be packaged together by Sony in the PlayStation Move Starter Kit for a very reasonable £50.

Ensuring Move gamers can jump straight into the motion controlled action, the Starter Kit is also to be packed with nine playable demos that includes Tiger Woods PGA Tour 11, Sports Champions and The Shoot. The optional extra Move sub-controller, similar to the Wii’s nunchuck, which isn’t necessary for Move gaming, will be available separately at launch and set users back a further £25.

Although there is no bundled full game, Move’s impressively low £50 price tag will give it favour with gamers ahead of the launch of Microsoft’s controller-less gaming system Kinect later in the year. Microsoft shocked expectant fans earlier this month with a surprisingly high £129.99 pricing before defending its decision.

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