Playstation Move better than Kinect, say T3 Readers

But who took second place: Xbox Kinect or Nintendo Wii?

You voted, and Sony's motion-control add-on is the victor

Each week we bring you, the all-knowing T3 readers, a poll on one of today’s hottest tech topics, letting you have your say. Last week we asked you for an outright winner of the motion-control war, and you didn’t disappoint.

While the Nintendo Wii was the innovative console that kicked this whole craze off, its popularity has obviously dwindled, as you placed it third in the ranking with just 11.88 per cent of the vote. Kinect, which launches midnight on Tuesday and proving popular enough to sell out across the US, scooped second place with 37.29 per cent of your votes.

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That leaves us with one obvious winner, then. With a just a fraction over 50 per cent of the three way vote, Sony’s Move add-on for the PS3 has won your favour. Industry analysts and critics have tended to agree too, with many suggesting that Move lends itself to more in-depth and adult gaming experiences.

Pretty conclusive result, but if you voted for one of the two underdogs and aren't happy, let us know your defence on Twitter @T3dotcom.