PlayStation Move 3D gaming on the way from Sony

3D motion control gaming to expand user experience

3D gaming coming to Move courtesy of Sony

Sony’s upcoming motion control gaming system for the PS3, PlayStation Move will utilise 3D gaming T3 can confirm after a hands-on demonstration of the extra dimension, motion -controlled gaming experience yesterday.

Although it is yet unclear if 3D motion titles will be available for the Move from launch when it hits the UK on October 19th, the demonstrated uses of such technologies opens the door to a host of exciting new possibilities and experiences in console gaming.

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The demonstration model, which saw the user’s Move controller transform into a sword which could be used to manipulate a marionette dummy, offered increased 3D control of the Move’s depth perception made possible by the PlayStation Eye camera. Swipes of the sword travelled into the distance whilst flailing dummy limbs came out of the screen at the 3D specs wearing gamer.

The user immersion that could be added by 3D motion control gaming is something that would appeal to both casual and core gamers alike and is something that Dr Richard Marks, creator of the old Sony EyeToy and the new Move system, has discussed.

On the future possibilities, Marks said: “Not only do people have different opinions about motion control, people play differently. In a first person shooter, if you have a Move in your hand, it feels like you’re holding a gun and so you feel more immersed and don’t want to die as badly. It's funny that it changes your play style, even for people who haven’t played before.”

With the Move entering the a motion control gaming market already dominated by the Nintendo Wii and being shortly followed by Microsoft’s controller-less motion gaming peripheral for the Xbox 360, Microsoft Kinect, the 3D capabilities of Move could help take it to the top of the motion control table.

The PlayStation Move Starter Pack, comprising of a Move controller, PlayStation Eye camera and starter disk is set to cost a very reasonable £49.99. Microsoft’s standalone Kinect system, however is to cost wannabe users a hefty £129.99 upon release later this year, it was announced earlier this week.

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