PlayStation Home hits 19 million

But just how many are using the service?

Sony reveals big numbers but won't get into debate about active users.

The much-maligned PlayStation Home virtual network now has 19 million users according to Sony. That colossal figure accounts for all those who’ve downloaded the service and logged on at least once.

Home boss Jack Buser said that since its inception in December 2008, the service has seen a surge in people buying virtual goodies, up 110 per cent last year, while the 230 games available has helped boost an average session to one hour and ten minutes.

PlayStation Home was seen as something of a damp squib when it first landed. And the nagging doubt that it’s a niche offering still won’t go away. Despite those 19 million downloads, Sony won’t say how many users are regularly active, claiming only devs are party to that information.

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Via Eurogamer