PlayStation console 15th birthday today

Anniversary marks arrival of iconic console in Europe

Hard to believe that Sony's PlayStation franchise has been going since 1995, but here it still is, and as popular as ever.

Today marks the 15th anniversary of the original Sony PlayStation coming to Europe, breathing new life into what had been a Sega and Nintendo dominated industry.

Impressively, 15 years on from the 32-bit console we've seen the Playstation 2, the PSP and most recently the PlayStation 3.

Sony have continuously been trying to innovate and add new technologies to PlayStation, and with a potential lifespan of 10-years, the PlayStation 3 has been enhanced most recently with the addition of 3D gaming and Playstation Move, the motion sensing peripheral that's hoping to win the motion war with Microsoft Kinect this autumn.

But what will the next 15 years hold for Sony’s console great? We think that’s more than enough time to put together a power-mongering PS4 console.

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