PlayStation 3D TV incoming

Great bundle from Sony to push 3D console gaming

Two player action without the split screen

It was the first console to take gaming to the third dimension, and now Sony is looking to capitalise on that with its own PlayStation-branded TV. And it has some pretty cool tech capable of revolutionising two player games.

It’ll come with a unique technology allowing two players to see two different images, without the need for split screen. So no more dodgy aspect ratios if you want to play with a mate.

Little else is known about the tech, but the 24-inch set will be part of a bundle including a pair of active shutter 3D glasses, an HDMI cable, plus Resistance 3 for the PS3, one of the games equipped for third dimensional action. And all for a very respectable $499 (£304).

The bundle will be aiming to get 3D console gaming into the mainstream. Despite the firmware upgrade allowing 3D gaming on the PS3, uptake has been fairly slow due to the poor sales of 3D TVs.

The deal was announced during Sony’s keynote at E3. UK pricing is yet to be announced.