PlayStation 3 sales top 70 million units matching Xbox

Sony confirms Move sales of 15 million

The Sony PlayStation 3 has always been considered a rival of the Xbox 360 but has only just caught up with the console in terms of sales selling 70m units

Sony's PlayStation 3 has now surpassed 70 million units sold with the company also revealing the success of it's Move controller which has also passed a milestone with over 15 million sales.

Since then Sony has methodically slimmed the console down to its current form the PlayStation 3 Super Slim which is now less than half the weight of the original PlayStation 3.

PlayStation 3 vs Xbox 360

First launched in 2006 the PlayStation 3 was larger and more expensive than the Xbox 360 but it did offer Blu-ray compatability which is something that even today Microsoft is yet to introduce in its console.

What the PlayStation 3 also offered was a fully comprehensive media solution for those who wanted to connect their consoles to their PCs, since then Microsoft has responded with the new features on the Xbox 360 which allows users to access 4OD and BBC iPlayer via the consoles homescreen.

PlayStation Move

Sony has also revealed that their motion-sensitive Move controller has also sold over 15m units with their being 400 titles which are now compatible with the device.

The company has most recently just launched PlayStation Plus, their new VIP service which allows members to pay to join and in return they're given a number of benefits including the 'Instant Game Collection' service which allows gamers to play a number of titles completely free.

With over 3,500 titles available on PlayStation 3 and around 595 million games sold worldwide all eyes will be on where Sony plans to take the brand with the much anticipated PlayStation 4 console which isn't expected until at the very earliest late 2013.