iPhone app news: Foodzy app rewards healthy eating

App offers advice and incentives to make good diet choices

Think of it as a Foursquare for your own wellbeing.

A new iPhone and Android app has launched which allows users to keep track of their diet, receive feedback and earn achievements by eating well.

The Foodzy app, which has until now been a web-only tool, lets you "check-in" with any foods and drinks you consume each day, giving you a massive database of 92,000 products to choose from.

Once you've done that, it'll give you the odd tip here and there on things you need to work on, like eating more fruit for example.

It also simplifies the whole calorie counting issue somewhat. Instead of the dreaded Kcals, the app counts your bits (oo-er missus). 20 calories = 1bit.

As with most new apps there's a social gaming aspect involved, allowing you to unlock achievements for things like eating plenty of carrots or having a summer barbecue.

It's kind of like Foursquare, but for your own wellbeing. You can use it as a personal weight-loss tool, as it also keeps track of your current weight, but also as a game; which explains why there's an achievement for "pizza master."

You can also use the app to connect with friends who're also using Foodzy, and check up on their progress, so if competition is your key motivator then sign your friends up and whoop their rear ends too.

The app is free to download, but like Spotify you'll need a paid-for Pro account to make use of the service, which costs £10 a year.

If that yearly price-tag puts you off then you can give DailyBurn a try. It's practically the same thing without the built-in gaming element.

Link: Foodzy (via TechCrunch)