Philips DS6600 SoundSphere speaker dock announced

The WWDC-announcement-amnesia-inducing new Apple Store product

Philips has announced the DS6600 SoundSphere, an iThing speaker dock complete with a sleek and curvy look and a hefty price tag

Making good use of its SoundSphere technology, this is the latest iThing speaker dock from Philips, which sports a sleek-looking aluminium crust.

Philips DS6600: Features

Taking its cue from the bigger, more expensive and wireless DS9800W the latest audiophile-pleasing offering from Philips provides a compact and sleek aluminium bulb which delivers a strong and well-rounded sound.

An iPhone, iPad or iPod can be played through the device courtesy of a dock which is folded and revealed from the front of the speaker. But if you prefer a Zune (cue laughter) or computer, Philips has offered a USB connection and standard 3.5mm audio jack.

The Amsterdam-based audio-company has also packed a Class D 50Watt RMS and PWM output amplifier into this compact critter, which it believes will "allow for a more coherent, uncoloured mid-range performance" … sounds good.

As well as providing a sleek, Apple-esque design, the hard aluminium casing around the speakers also improves sound quality by reducing internal resonance, according to Philips.

Philips DS6600: Release Date and Price

The DS6600 SoundSphere Docking Speakers are available from the Apple online store now and are currently retailing at a hefty £399.95.